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Copy of Apron Nando

From 11,54
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Paita naisille Malme, ¾ hiha, musta

24,19 €
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Hood Scull, Size universal

7,69 €
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Flat cap Flin, , black

15,06 €
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Salt mill Walker, 4.5x16.5x4.5 cm (WxHxD)

9,67 €
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Paitapusero naisille Fiore, 3/4-hiha, musta

32,99 €
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Pepper mill Walker, 4.5x16.5x4.5 cm (WxHxD)

9,67 €
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Restaurant supplies online at low prices

Resta24 is an online shop specialising in quality restaurant equipment, where you can find all the equipment and supplies for your restaurant, café, hotel and catering needs at low prices.

From our wide range of restaurant furniture, wine glasses, GN containers, terrace furniture, frying pans and pots to workwear for the diverse needs of different businesses.

We stock tens of thousands of products all the time, so 90% of our products are available immediately. For large purchases of furniture or accessories, please contact our customer service team so that we can look at the right package for you and, if necessary, arrange delivery.

We have equipped thousands of locations from restaurants to cafes and from hotels to large kitchens all over Finland.

Our low prices are clearly visible, and we don't fiddle with discount percentages. We offer the same, always low prices to all our customers.

Why buy from Resta24?

  • 90% of the products directly from stock.

    90% of the products directly from stock.

    From our extensive inventory, 90% of all products are available for IMMEDIATE delivery!

  • All shipments insured.

    All shipments insured.

    All our shipments are insured at no extra cost. Buy with confidence!

  • Always affordable shipping costs.

    Always affordable shipping costs.

    Packages: 14,90 € per shipment - Pallet freight: 49,90 € regardless of shipment size.

  • We deliver to your doorstep.

    We deliver to your doorstep.

    Our courier ensures that packages are delivered directly to your location.

  • Same prices for small and large

    Same prices for small and large

    Always affordable prices for everyone, regardless of the size of your business!

  • 60-day return policy.

    60-day return policy.

    Enjoy a 60-day return policy with a full refund of 100% of the product price.

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